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Can Dirty Windows Affect Your Health?

The answer is yes. Dirty windows have huge negative health effects and this is why you need to visit modern maids to give your windows a general cleaning treat! Clean windows are appealing to the eyes compared to dirty windows. Have you recently cleaned your windows both on the inside and the outside? Were you pleased with the restored sheen compared to when they are dirty and unattended?

If not, below are some of the risks you are likely to face from dirty windows.

Respiratory conditions

Dirty windows host dust and tiny particles that might affect your respiratory system. People living with respiratory conditions often need clean places to live in.

You are likely to develop flu, asthma, or allergy. Despite the windows block most of the dust from getting into the house, most of it penetrates and stays on window panes for a while. Dust irritates the inner lining of the nose leading to allergic reactions such as a running nose and frequent sneezing.

Mold and mildew

Moist and warm places are the best living conditions for mold. Mold causes fungal infections such as ringworms and yeast infections. Mold destroys surfaces, especially wooden and concrete surfaces. If not taken care of, it can grow into the inside walls of the house creating dust particles that are harmful to your health. Inhaling mold fragments can cause nose irritations, chest congestion, wheezing, and throat irritation. This could lead to adverse health effects on the lungs.

Host insects

Spiders, mosquitos, and houseflies like places they can hide and survive. A dirty window acts as a home to such insects. House flies cause one diarrhea as they carry germs with them whenever they move. Spiders are not as harmful but did you know you can get a severe infection from a spider bite? Do not risk infections by simply not cleaning your windows. Mosquitos cause malaria which is a deadly disease especially to children under the age of five. When cleaning your house, consider your windows.

Reduce the amount of natural light

Dirty windows develop an opaque layer with time preventing enough sunlight from reaching the house. This has several health effects such as straining the eyes, feeling fatigued, depression and anxiety.

Clear window panes allow enough ultraviolet rays into the room allowing good warmth and extra light. In case you have indoor plants, they benefit from clean windows by accessing enough sunlight for their photosynthesis process.

High risk of cancer

In case you leave along a highway or close to industry, cleaning your windows should be the priority. Smoke particles tend to stick on the window panes and finally find their way into the house. Inhaling this might cause mutations in the body leading to serious health effects. Chemical particles released from industries are not any different. Choose your health first by frequently wiping off your windows both on the inside and the outside.

In conclusion, cleanliness is next to godliness. Clean your window panes, window seals and window handles as often as possible. One is encouraged to use the right detergents and gears or ask for professional help from modern maids.

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