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Why Dust in Your Home Is a Big Problem?

Dust is a small particle made of solid matter, it entails small soil particles, pollen grains, small fiber particles, dead skin cells, and microscopic specks of plastic.

These particles are barely visible to the naked eye and tend to settle on surfaces when it is windy, and the air has low humidity. Dust not only has effects on human beings but also has effects on indoor plants and pets. This could lead to serious health effects if not tended to.

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Have you been to a dusty lace and suddenly felt an irritation to your nose that caused you to sneeze or develop a dry cough?

Dust can cause allergic reactions to the body. This could lead to asthmatic complications and uncomfortable breathing.

As much as a lot of people claim dust is hard to control as it can come in through the tiniest of spaces such as air vents or window cracks, this can be minimized.

Often cleaning surfaces can reduce dust and having a no-shoe policy in the house can help big time. Often after a walk outside our shoes carry the most dust and when let in the house without cleaning, dust settles on the surfaces.

Affects plants

Picture your favorite house plant that was doing so well suddenly has its leaves turn yellow and it makes you feel bad. Despite you watering it and frequently changing soil, consider gently wiping the leaf surfaces.

When the dust settles on leaf surfaces, it blocks the leaves’ stomata (small pores on the leaves that allow them to breathe) affecting its photosynthesis.

This makes the leaves turn yellow due to the inability to produce enough food and energy to sustain themselves.

A handy trick is wiping off the dust with a damp cloth. Be as gentle as possible. This technique also helps keep pests off your plants such as spider webs and spider eggs.

Destroys gadgets

When you read the manuals of the electronic gadgets in your house, you will come across the part that says keep the gadgets in a dry area away from dust.

Dust particles act as dielectric material and induce signal interference in signal connectors and lines. This makes the gadgets overheat and process slower.

In computers, for example, the dust accumulates in the fans and the computer cannot cool efficiently reducing the processor activities.

Dust can be cleaned off gadgets by using a can of clean compressed air. Also, avoid placing them on the floor or carpets as dust tends to settle mostly in these areas.

It gets uncomfortable when it is dusty, especially in summer. Maintaining room humidity at 40-60 grams per cubic meter using a hydrometer is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of excessive dust.

In case you live next to a busy road, consider using light curtain shears that will filter dust and still let in sun rays and fresh air into the room.

Have a fluffy doormat that can absorb dust from shoes that have been outside a long time.

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