What Makes Drug Rehab Successful?

Drug addiction is a mental disease because it affects the cognitive brain, while drug addiction treatment is a process that helps someone stop using drugs and alcohol and live a healthy and productive life. Drug addiction treatment includes many different types of therapy, counseling, medications, and other forms of care. The right type of drug rehab depends on the person’s needs as well as their situation.…
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Is Drug Addiction a Brain Disease?

Some people incorrectly assume addicts have weak moral fiber because of their habit. That’s not the case, yet free will and personal accountability play a role. Some think addiction is a fixed character flaw that runs throughout the family. This is also incorrect. Perhaps they’ve heard that addiction is a neurological disorder. We are finally getting down to business here.  Addiction is a disease of the brain, but realizing this is only the beginning. One of the first steps in overcoming addiction is realizing it is a sickness and treating it as such. The following are three fundamental elements of this comprehension.…
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