How Much Should I Pay a Tutor?

he number of money individuals commonly charge depends on their level of education, skill, and expertise. Usually, people pay about $30 to $50 an hour for a high school level tuition and up to $80 per hour for a more experienced teacher that is also certified. A tutor specialized in working with children with special needs charges a higher amount. Private tutors are hired for children who need help or assistance apart from school. The average annual salary for tutors is $45000; however, generally, tutors earn less as this salary is for full-time tutors while most instructors work after school hours or on the weekends. The tutoring rate also varies in different countries; for example, the wage for tutoring in Sydney will be different from that in a less developed country like India. At a younger level, tutors can usually teach a child more than one or even all subjects if necessary, while at a more advanced level, specialized tutors are required who have mastered the issue that needs attention.…
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