How Much Should I Pay a Tutor?

he number of money individuals commonly charge depends on their level of education, skill, and expertise. Usually, people pay about $30 to $50 an hour for a high school level tuition and up to $80 per hour for a more experienced teacher that is also certified. A tutor specialized in working with children with special needs charges a higher amount.
Private tutors are hired for children who need help or assistance apart from school. The average annual salary for tutors is $45000; however, generally, tutors earn less as this salary is for full-time tutors while most instructors work after school hours or on the weekends. The tutoring rate also varies in different countries; for example, the wage for tutoring in Sydney will be different from that in a less developed country like India.

At a younger level, tutors can usually teach a child more than one or even all subjects if necessary, while at a more advanced level, specialized tutors are required who have mastered the issue that needs attention. Students usually opt to take tuitions for particular tests such as entrance tests for a university i.e., SAT, ACT or TOEFL. In such teachings, teachers assist their students in studying the streamlined topics included in the exam while guiding them on different strategies used to answer questions and tell them how to manage their time while taking the test. Tutors are also commonly hired to work with students who are writing research papers or personal statements.


A few factors are generally considered before deciding what to pay a tutor. These include:

Education background of the tutor

There are no particular education requirements for a tutor. However, it is necessary for them to be qualified. While having a Ph.D. or a master’s degree in the required field is just a bonus, a tutor must have a bachelor’s degree. There are tutoring jobs available for a variety of people. Teenagers can teach toddlers or children younger than them whereas college students can quickly assist high-school students in their studies.
Some parents prefer to hire tutors from accredited online tutoring companies that require certified as well as qualified teachers. On such platforms, tutors have to submit their portfolios to a licensing authority. They may also require high scores on proficiency exams.

Factors that affect the wage of tutors

The hourly salary of tutors also depends on the work environment and the distance covered to meet the student. Mostly the set up is arranged for at either the student or tutors’ house. In places where the income of the parents is higher, tutors generally charge a higher amount. The amount paid also depends on the subject being taught and the demand of the teacher. Some items like the sciences or math are usually perceived as being more complicated than the rest and so their rate is also higher. Some tutors also teach a group of students together which saves their time and energy. Generally, group tutoring costs less than individual or one-on-one sessions.

All in all, the most critical factors in determining how much money to pay your tutor depends on a few factors like the location, subjects, qualifications, time and travel expenses, preparation time and scheduling.

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