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Can Ice Cream Ever Be Healthy?

One way or another, ice cream is one of the most popular and adored sweets among the population, especially among children and teenagers. In the last century, for example, no one could have thought that ice cream, which consists mainly of milk and is good for health, is harmful to our body. Given the high competition in the market, nowadays ice cream brands are trying to attract consumers not only with the help of taste but also with the uniqueness of their product. Some claim that they manufacture a healthy vegan product, and some experiment with flavor (such as ice cream with salted caramel). Now supporters of a healthy lifestyle claim that it is junk food because it contains a lot of sugar, trans fats, and other unhealthy components. And is that so? It’s time to break down the myths that ice cream does not contain useful components in its composition, or there is no milk at all and all that jazz. Conversely, it contains essential amino acids, vitamins, valuable…
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