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Substances That Can Ruin Your Vehicle’s Paint

At times, we use products on our car surfaces without knowing we are degrading the paint quality. Other times, we know a certain product can ruin the paint but say to ourselves it’s just one-time use, and it is safe. Doing repairs on car paint is an expensive process, this is why we need to take care of the car paint and avoid the substances mentioned below.

Bird droppings

You have most likely read somewhere that bird droppings are an enemy to your car’s paint. This is true. Scientifically, birds eliminate amino acids from their bodies in the form of uric acid. Uric acid has a pH of 4.5. This corrodes your paint, leading to discoloration patches and eventually leading to chipping off.

It is almost impossible to prevent bird droppings from falling on your car’s surface. As a remedy, ensure you wipe off any droppings as soon as you notice them. When your car is not in use, park under some roof or cover your car with a cloth.

If bird droppings are left unattended, they dry out and when being removed, they scratch the paint surface and could even lead to chipping in severe cases.


Most pranks or games involve people hitting your car with eggs. This is all fun but does not do any good to the paint surface. If not cleaned immediately, it leads to paint discoloration and patches that are not attractive.

In addition to this, it is costly as you will have to eventually make paint repairs or have a whole new look for your car. Eggs have the property of removing an oil effect from a surface, leading to dryness and lack of sheen.

If your friends enjoy pranking you with eggs on your car, then encourage them to wash off the remains immediately.

Brake fluid and coolant

Products meant for the engine and other metallic parts of the vehicle are not necessarily good for the surface of the car. Brake fluid and coolants corrode paint and lead to chipping. In case there are spills on the surface, wipe them off immediately with a damp cloth.

Shaving cream

On social media, you will see people spraying shaving cream on a car surface to leave a message. Shaving cream is not meant for car surfaces but the human skin. Avoid using it on your car’s surface. If left to dry and not cleaned immediately, it leads to corrosion of the original car paint.

When the paint is corroded, it fades away and in severe cases chips off the surface.

Poor quality paint coatings

When settling for something to protect the original paint of your car, always ensure you seek professional advice and buy products from a trusted dealer such as Suma Performance. Ceramic coatings are not meant to replace the original paint, but to reduce the cost of having to do repairs. Always settle for high-quality coatings.

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