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Important Rules You Should Follow At Airports

Traveling by air is often the most convenient means of transport. Being the fastest means of transport, you can be at your destination within 45 minutes instead of five or more hours by road. Some important rules should be followed therefore whenever you are at the airport.

For the convenience of all the passengers and your safety, always ensure you follow all the regulations given. Failure to follow the rules and regulations can be the reason for flight delay. No one wants to be the reason why a flight was delayed or canceled. So be vigilant and have the willingness to follow the rules in place. Such include:

Luggage care

– Ensure you take care of your luggage from the point you arrive till the time you give it out for transportation.

– Ensure you also label your bags or suitcases for easy identification in case they get lost. This can be done by simply writing your name and contact, then sticking it on the luggage.

– At the same time, ensure all your bags are zipped and locked, if necessary. Some items could be precious to you and cost a fortune if lost.

– Only pack what is allowed through the airport, remember your items will be screened before you are allowed to board the plane.

– Separate your essentials from the main luggage. The essentials should be packed in a smaller bag for easy packing on the plane you board.

Children and the elderly

– Children, especially those at the age of two, are at the discovery stage. They often want to explore any new space they find themselves in. As a parent or a guardian, ensure they are close to you or at a distance where you can see them.

– Look after them to ensure they do not cause any unnecessary destruction to other passengers. Carry their toys if need be and always keep an eye on them

– If you are traveling with the elderly, look after them as well and ensure they do not cause disorder in the airport.

Pay attention

– New announcements will always be made either via speakers or screens placed in different sections of the waiting lounge.

– Announcements can include flight changes or delays. They could also be announcing lost documents or other items.

– Do not cause chaos in case you missed an announcement that was made earlier. Just go to the announcement desk and make inquiries.

Prohibited items

– Always go through your items once or twice to ensure you have not packed prohibited items. Such include aerosol insecticide, ammunition, lighters made from lithium or guns.

– Note that under certain conditions, some prohibited items can be allowed into the plane but ensure they are necessary.

– Some items will be allowed in your carry-on luggage, while others will not be allowed in your main luggage. If you are not sure, call customer care and be on the safe side.

In conclusion, know the rules and regulations of different airports. Short flights have different rules from long flights, such as those connecting one continent to another. 

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