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How Do You Catch a Cheater?

Are you tired of coping with lies, but yet undecided on the right decision to make? Have you seen signs of cheating, and your mind is putting different pieces of information together? Countless sleepless nights and the inability to forget the awful thoughts about your spouse can affect your entire life.

Carrying these emotional burdens the whole day, while things are getting worse is the worst experience on earth. No one is strong enough to cope with the pain, fear, and suspicions of cheating.

Not knowing the truth will continue eating and disturbing you. Be careful when doing your investigation, we often make mistakes when stressed. Don’t share what is happening with your family and spouse’s friends. You need solid truth and concrete evidence that won’t leave room for alibis or excuses. To be 100% sure that you know the truth consider hiring private investigators in Perth. If you are looking for some other methods, here is a guide on how you can effortlessly and legally catch a cheating spouse.


  1. Monitoring

If you have access to their phone or personal computer, look at their phone records, messages, Facebook page, iPad account. If you don’t know their password, but you’re sharing the home computer, install some software that will capture some information that may give you a clue.

The other thing to monitor is how long they are on their cell phones, are they protecting their cell phones, are they distracted by their cell phone? If yes, that is enough reason to start digging further.

Spying apps can give you direct access to your lover’s phone without his/her knowledge. A regular check of her messages, call logs, and emails will let you know how things are progressing.

Make sure to watch this tutorial: How to monitor anyone’s iPhone or Android.

  1. Surveillance

Use modern cameras such as Nest cam that send you a notification when motion is detected and uploads all footage to your cloud account, where you can download and replay it later. Some cameras will let you see the live-action right from your phone. Make sure to use cameras that can’t be easily detected.

Watch this video to know the best camera for you: Top 3 hidden cameras for home security and spying.

You can also use digital voice recorders. Surveillance digital voice recorders look like a thumb drive, pen, and other hard to suspect objects. Install these devices wherever your lover likes to go for his phone fun.

  1. Tracking

Tracking is a great option. You get to know where your lover is or has been throughout the day. The law allows you to track vehicles you solely own. Watch this guide about hidden GPS trackers for cheating spouse: Top 5 hidden GPS trackers for cheaters.

  1. Private investigators surveillance

Hire one or two PIs to go and surveil your partner to see exactly what they’re doing. Hiring investigators in Perth will give you concrete video evidence if something is happening, and peace of mind if nothing is happening.

To be on the safe side, and able to extract the truth, never confront your spouse until you have enough proof. Sharing what you’re going through is a great way to heal from stress, but when trying to gather facts, never share your story with family members and friends, they might spoil your game by revealing your plans.

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