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What You Need To Know About Becoming a Private TEFL Tutor

TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) is a tutoring service that is given to students who don’t have English as their native language. It is used mainly by citizens of countries where the English language is not commonly spoken. TEFL tutors are native English speaker where they offer their service around the globe to various students who can benefit from their skill. For more information, you can visit English tutors Perth.

Earning a handsome sum of money is made easier using the online platforms where TEFL tutors can teach the basics of the English language so that the students can attain proficient skills relating to writing and speaking the English language. In the following paragraphs, you can read more about the potential advantages and disadvantages of being a Private TEFL Tutor.


Being a tutor allows you to be more flexible with your work schedule. For instance, you have the edge of working remotely from anywhere around the globe. The only necessary thing is a stable internet connection which shall allow you to communicate with great ease. One can earn hundreds of dollars as the hourly rate shall provide handsome income on a weekly and monthly basis. On the other hand, your student shall be more satisfied with the teaching as one to one lessons shall provide him or her with more attention. This shall solve all the major and minor problems in the learning process. Moreover, the tutor can create a different set of activities as per the students’ caliber, making teaching more systematic and more straightforward. Hence, this way, the students won’t be hesitant to ask various questions to clear their doubts.


As a tutor, word of mouth marketing from the student’s circle is vital. This instigates the fact that you need to teach a large number of students over a period of time that shall give you experience and valuable new customers through which you can excel in this field. Like any other field, one needs time to grow and scale as a tutor. Now and then, you will need to amend your work schedule as per the client’s demand. In this field, you will need to teach students in a group that shall their time and cost. The tutor can face up some dry financial period where the customers won’t be willing to pay higher for this service.

As a tutor, you will need to equip some basic resources that shall help you to gain command in this field. Firstly, you will need a fast-working computer system where there is no lag in the video chat. Secondly, a highly reliable internet connection shall be available 24/7. Furthermore, the mic and webcam shall be tested several times, which shall ensure that the tutor is professional in all aspects of teaching. A decent dressing is required, which shall convey an inspiring personality so that students can learn eagerly. Lastly, plan and prepare the lecture that shall allow you to deal with the queries that will arise during the course of the class.

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