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Top Web-Developers in Ukraine 2020 Reviews

The importance of Ukraine in the web-development world

Ukraine is one of the most developed countries in the world when it comes to IT or web- development. With more than 100,000 IT specialists currently, it is foreseen that the workforce will double in size by 2020. The IT department has an astonishing growth of more than 25% annually.

offshore software companies in Ukraine have an advanced approach in web-development and is feasible for companies hiring them as they offer cheap labor. Ukraine based web-developers are convenient to hire and keep on contract since there are little to no legal hindrances, which is why a majority of companies outsource web-development to Ukraine.

Since the IT and web development market of the country is the most rapidly evolving, professionals in the field have to stay up to date with new features and technologies. If they do not keep up, they would not be able to deliver superior quality services to clients in the global market.

Their work ethics and competency for its given value make them client-oriented, attracting companies towards their market. The industry is flourishing at such a rapid rate while attracting more people to join the profession. Many college students are opting to study Web development and are interested in becoming IT developers.

Leading Ukrainian companies for IT and web-development

There is a wide variety of companies that are currently offering the best IT services and therefore, skilled web-development. These are companies such as Epam, Eleks, Diceus, Onix-Systems, TechMagic, AltexSoft, Star apps inc, Apiko, Intellectsoftblockchain lab, and Artjoker.
Epam is ranked as 12th out of 25 companies on Forbes list for the most rapidly growing tech companies in the world. The company offers software product development services like prototyping, program management, cross-platform migration, customer experience design and much more. Alex offers tech consultation and web development. It has over fifteen years of experience. Diceus is a company offering user-friendly, pliable services. It employs more than 140 software experts and operates in twenty countries. Techmagic is a company that mostly focuses on startup businesses. They provide android and iOS application development, which allows companies to manage their systems from their phones providing convenient solutions.

Altexsoft is commonly known as a top-ranking enterprise in Ukraine among many leading IT companies, with eleven years of experience and over 200 clients

Artjoker is another company that has been around for over 13 years and focuses mainly on the methodology used in web development, tools, and overall service. Its software focuses primarily on innovation in technology. It uses cybersecurity and cryptography to produce new security technology. Some of their prominent clients include the World Bank, London Stock Exchange, Shell, and many others. Its software has also been utilized for blockchain projects and cross-border payment systems.

All in all, many advancements are seen to be taking place in the web development industry in 2020 which are expected to be proficient and have many different advanced frameworks along with custom features to suit the particular requirements of companies.

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