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The Secret Shopping Tips for Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods has grown to be the number one retail store for all things sports-related. If you want soccer shoes or a new bike, the store is known as the one-stop-shop. However, this comes at a slight disadvantage. The quality sports equipment and goods on sale here don’t come cheap. This article will save your wallet the next time you need some new running shoes.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has been at the forefront of sports retailing for many years. You can contribute your opinion and feedback by logging onto You can also have some additional ideas that Dick’s can incorporate into their stores nationwide.

Score Card Points

The retail store has an application and reward program that you can use to gain ScoreCard points. Every 300 points that you get on for various milestones allows you to shave off $10 of purchase. Besides, there is always a string of useful information that is passed on through the app. You can stay abreast of weekly offers and limited promotions.

A Credit card account

To double your Score Card accounts total, you can sign up for a Rewards of Sport MasterCard account. For every $1 you spend within the store, you will get 2 points and for every $1 you spend for out-of-store purchases, you get 3 points.

Discount gift cards

Dick’s Sporting Goods know how to spoil its customers. This is another great way to save up on some money at the store. You can purchase a gift card whose price is significantly less than the card’s face value.


Coupons are still heavily used throughout the country despite the advancement of technology and heavy use of the internet. You can look for Dick’s coupons in your local entertainment book and other local material. The coupons offer $10 to $20 depending on the size of the purchase. Coupons are mainly used for in-store purchases, so you will have to visit a Dick’s Sporting Goods store near you.

Clearance sales

Like most retail stores, Dick’s offers quite some clearance sales throughout the year. One of the typical periods is after Christmas. Customers can save up to 50% on shoes, gear and other equipment. If you are looking for seasonal equipment, you can take advantage by shopping just at the right time.

Free shipping

For goods and sales over $49, Dick’s offer free shipping. This also applies to returning of goods (which must be done within 60 days.) The return policy, however, does not apply to all goods. This includes purchases of guns, ammunition and other such equipment/accessories.

Free Service

After the purchase of equipment from Dick’s, you are eligible for some free service. This could be in the form of racket stringing, archery equipment set-up, bike assembly, etc.

With all the secret tips above, you and your family can enjoy a day of hiking or riding through the hills or catching the waves on a hot summer day.

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