Is Facebook Messenger HIPAA compliant?

In the healthcare and medicine industry, doctors, physicians, patients, and nurses might need to send information to one another urgently. As you well know, the difference between life and death could be just a few minutes. That could be time taken for a message to move from one device to another. And while the use of the patient reminder app has chat features, there are medical practices that don’t have such a platform. They rely on chat platforms that are easily available on any device. One of the common and popular social media platforms with a solid messaging service is Facebook Messenger. While it is reliable, is it acceptable to send protected health information via the platform? Is this acceptable? Does Facebook Messenger meet the regulations presented by HIPAA? Most of us are familiar with Facebook Messenger. It is a messaging platform that works in tandem with the social media website, Facebook. It is a messaging service that allows Facebook users to send each other messages, photos, videos, and other…
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