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Reasons Your Website Should Be ADA Compliant

We know you are worried about ADA compliance. You are wondering whether it is a worthy investment for your company website. You have heard the chatter revolving around the different laws and regulations and are worried about being taken to court. ADA compliance is a huge boost and this article can be used as your reference point as to why.

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Target audience

Adhering to the guidelines proposed by the WCAG allows you to tap into a new market. The current demographics reveal that there are millions of people living with disabilities today. All of those are potential customers who might want to purchase your goods or services. With an ADA compliant website, you ensure that your content is easily navigable and operable. Your new clients can view your content and hopefully make a purchase.

A non-compliant website chases away people with disabilities, who will take their business elsewhere.

The compliance of your website will also lead to greater exposure of your company. The disabled community is tightly knitted. Since you have established your website as an ADA compliant one, your reputation will spread throughout the community. Your effort will not go in vain since you will be a step above all your competitors.

Improves your SEO

For those new to the scene, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is responsible for the visibility of your website by users. It goes without saying that the more visible your page is the better your chances of getting more attention from both existing and future clients.

Some of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) include the use of meta-tagging, alternative image text, and video transcripts. For the disabled, this improves the likeability of your page and thus increases your visibility on the different search engines. This is a definite plus for your website.

A user-friendly website

ADA compliance ensures that the content being provided is easily navigable and is available in different forms. This ensures that the user, regardless of their disabilities, can interact with the content on the website and understand it. Besides, website compliance to the ADA and WCAG ensures that only quality content is uploaded, maximizing clarity and audibility among other factors.

Avoid penalties and litigation

The Department of Justice has ruled that the internet just like any other public place should be easily accessible by people with disabilities. Failure to adhere to the guidelines proposed by the ADA and WCAG is tantamount to illegal activity. You can find yourself in court and paying damages to the tune of millions of dollars.

By hiring the expert team at ADA Compliance Pros, you can avoid the great legal cost to your company when you are found out to be non-compliant with the ADA. We have created and consulted on hundreds of websites throughout the country and can advise accordingly.

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