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Private Jet COVID-19 Coronavirus Health & Safety Protocols

The spread of the novel coronavirus has affected almost everyone throughout the world. Not only people but major businesses have suffered great losses due to nationwide lockdowns being implemented by governments throughout the world. Ever since the start of 2020, the world has come to a standstill as far as business and personal affairs are concerned. However, now lockdowns have been lifted in many parts of the world. Owing to this, many airlines have started operating partially as well. However, people who are still conscious of the virus and can afford luxurious facilities like private jets and those who can use a jet card, prefer to travel via private jets since they are much safer and follow strict safety protocols.

Is Flying in a Private Jet Safer in COVID-19?

People, who own private jets often ask themselves this question that “is it safe to fly in a private jet than in a commercial flight during the pandemic?” The simple and short answer to this is “yes”. The reason for this is that private jets are much more secure in the sense that everyone knows who is traveling in the plane and whether or not the person has any history of containing the virus. With commercial flights, there are too many people on board and not all people are safe from the virus. Hence, the chances of contracting the virus on a flight from a commercial jet are much more than on a private jet. Other than this, on a commercial airline flight, there are 700+ touch points that increase the risk of contracting the virus. Whilst no such risk exists on a private flight.

Protocols & Safety Measures

There are two different types of safety protocols that are taken on a private flight. The first is with respect to the crew onboard and the next is with respect to the passengers boarding the private jet.

CDC Crew Member Protocols

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) makes recommendations to the aircraft, including the private jets that have to fulfill them at all costs. According to the protocols, the crew must ensure that an arrangement with respect to the on-ground transport be made that will ensure that the passengers move from the jet to the hotels or other bases where they are thoroughly checked for any infections and are quarantined if seem necessary. Other than this, it is the responsibility of the crew to keep the private jet disinfected at all times so that the chances of contracting the virus from the internal and external surfaces of the plane are minimized. Operators are also instructed to provide sufficient quantities of alcohol-based sanitizers as well as face masks and maintain the government recommended SOPs at all times.

Passenger Protocols

Just like the crew is advised, the passengers are also recommended that they follow the protocols as strictly and as carefully as possible. The passengers have to take the COVID test before leaving and on arriving just to be certain. Other than that, they have to maintain a six-foot distance from each other at all times in the plane and follow the SOPs carefully at all times as well.

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