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Pinterest: 5 Best Interior Design Ideas in 2022

In its annual Pinterest Predicts study, the social media platform revealed the most influential home design trends of 2022. 

Due to the widespread use of Pinterest growth as a tool for future planning, the company behind the popular visual discovery engine has unveiled a report detailing the beauty, fashion, travel, and wellness trends that will shape the coming year. Since the primary concern of House Beautiful is the home, we have created a comprehensive list of interior design trends for your consideration.

Limitless Luxe

They want to indulge in the finest comforts is nothing new, but the next big obsession on Pinterest is ostentatious shows of affluence. The 2022 trend of lavish refurbishment extends to every space in the home, from the basement to the laundry room. Gen X and millennial hosts are sure to start a conversation when you bring up the topic of a lost corner. Talk of luxury home cinemas, built-in offices, and garage transformations for the whole family is also quite common.

Hellenistic Revival

Pinterest’s 2022 interiors board predicts that nostalgia will be in vogue. Furniture in the Corinthian style and wallpaper featuring Aphrodite are popular choices for home decor. Generation Z is at the forefront of bringing back this time-honored custom among today’s youth. Interior design buzzwords of the day include “Greek statue art,” “Ancient Greece aesthetic,” and “Corinthian column.”

Biophilic Design

Recent years have seen a rise in the number of interior design projects that include natural elements due to this trend’s greater visibility. The use of green paint, an increase in indoor plants, and the construction of garden rooms were all crucial in 2021. According to Pinterest, however, by 2022, we will be incorporating plant-first design solutions into our homes to strengthen our bonds with nature and enhance our health. Our floral ceilings, biophilic decor, and vertical gardens make it evident that we’re going for a greener look. The increasing interest in “biophilic workplace design,” “biophilic mattresses,” and “biophilic architecture” suggests that no location is truly safe.

Emotional Escape Rooms

Emotions and feelings are currently being emphasized. It’s understandable that people would long to create a private haven inside their own four walls after spending nearly two years holed up at home. This is one of Pinterest’s most popular search terms, and its popularity spans all demographics and ages. Rage rooms and home massage parlors both saw significant increases in search volume, but that’s not all. People are looking for rooms with a little library or crystals and those with a musical or crystal theme.


Pinterest predicts that 2022 will see a rise in the popularity of kitchens with gothic-inspired decor. Pinterest sums up the trend perfectly: “Paint things black.” Use dark elements, from tableware to appliances, to create a romantic and elegant atmosphere in the kitchen.


When one considers where to look for ideas on how to spruce up their home, Pinterest is likely the first social media platform that comes to mind. There is no excuse for an interior designer not to be on Pinterest, given the abundance of useful information and inspiring visuals.

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