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How to Have Fun on the Internet

The internet is a vast space to have lots of fun. The list of activities to do online is endless, depending on what suits your mood or what you have a penchant for. It could be overwhelming at some point to decide on what you want on the internet, given the numerous activities it has to offer. Here are some of the things you can do on the internet for fun.


If you love gaming, then you know how fun it is to play online on platforms like CMD368 and interact with other gamers all over the world. Online gaming has greatly evolved in recent years, with almost every game being readily available on the internet. From simple quizzes and puzzles to high-end open-world games, all for you to have a taste of fun.

Share pictures, videos and chat with friends and family

The world has taken a digital transformative shift in the social media space, with social platforms sprouting every other day. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., offer an environment to share pictures and videos and also view what your friends have posted as well. Chatting is also a very established way to have fun on the internet.

Watch movies and TV

Watching movies and TV has never been easier, especially since they are all readily available on the internet. The internet has created an environment where visual creators can post their videos and movies for their audience.  A popular site is YouTube, which has millions of viewers every day. Netflix and Hulu are subscription-based platforms where one can stream movies and TV shows.

Listen to music, podcasts, and radio

Listening to music is one of the most enjoyable things to do online. Some available sites and applications allow users to stream and listen to varieties of music. Spotify is a very popular platform with varieties of music and podcasts of your choice. Another recent platform is YouTube music. Radio shows have also found their way into the internet where they can reach their audience all over the world.


You rarely need to leave your house to go shopping. Shopping has never been easier and can be a very good stress reliever for you when shopping online and getting your products delivered to your doorstep. Almost everything on sale is readily available on the internet. Amazon is a very popular site to shop for whatever you need. You can also post your stuff online, say on eBay, just know how much they are worth!

Virtual visits

Did you know you don’t have to move all over the world to visit museums? You can now visit a museum from wherever you are and still have the fun you could have in person. Traveling is fun and with the latest technology, you can simply travel virtually to a museum in Paris from your phone.


The internet has a lot of knowledge for acquisition. If you love reading, then you have the internet to offer you e-books, blogs, news, and wikis just for you to swipe and have fun with every page turn. Authors now post their books and written content online for their audience. Bloggers publish their blogs every day. You can also have your blog and write your thoughts for people to read. You can keep up with current news depending on your interests.

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